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BOOK | Fårö and Ingmar Bergman. A Mutual Bond.

BOOK | Fårö and Ingmar Bergman. A Mutual Bond.

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The book is a comprehensive tale about director Ingmar Bergman and the island of Fårö. Through stories spanning 50 years, the readers get a glimpse of Ingmar Bergman's life on Fårö through personal stories, descriptions of the locations and meetings with the locals. It describes the cinematic landscape that made Ingmar Bergman shoot several films on the island and make it his home.
Translation to English of the original book: Fårö and Ingmar Bergman. A meeting released in the Summer of 2014. In English.


Translation: Kathy Gow Sjöblom
Of texts by editors: Kerstin Blomberg, Gunilla Brogren and Elisabet Edlund
Designer: Christer Jonson
Cover photo: Markus Moström
Published by: Fårö Hembygdsförening's Publishers

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