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CINEMA: Wild Strawberries, August 6, 15:00

CINEMA: Wild Strawberries, August 6, 15:00

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An absolutely outstanding Viktor Sjöström plays the role of the elderly professor Isak Borg, on his way to Lund to be promoted to Jubilee Doctor. During the journey from Stockholm, he reevaluates his life. Wild Strawberries is sometimes considered an early road movie and is one of the most referenced films in cinematic history. It is not so much the events along the way that determine the film's outcome, but what they trigger in the mind of its main character, the inner journey, what has already happened – in its simplicity, a brilliant concept that distinguishes the film.

Wild Strawberries won, among many other awards, both the Golden Bear in Berlin and a Golden Globe after its premiere in 1957.

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