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CINEMA: Summer Interlude, August 13, 3 pm

CINEMA: Summer Interlude, August 13, 3 pm

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An early Bergman film that revolves around Marie and her dying boyfriend's diary. This is how Bergman himself describes the film in an interview with Fritiof Billquist:

'Summer Interlude has a long prehistory. The origin is a somewhat touching love episode that I experienced one summer when the family lived on Ornö. I was sixteen years old and, as usual, stuck with summer reading and could only momentarily participate in the leisure activities of my peers. Additionally, I wasn't dressed like them; I was skinny and pimply and stuttered when I wasn't silent and reading Nietzsche.

On the so-called Paradise Island, furthest out towards the fjords, lived a girl who was also alone. Between us arose a shy love, as it happens when two young loners seek each other out.

Our love died when autumn came, but it became the basis for a story I wrote the summer after my graduation.

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